Apply for the Youth Advisory COMMITTEE

The Youth Advisory Committee is a bunch of young movers and shakers who are passionate about creating a more youth-friendly Darwin.

The YAC advises Council on a range of issues and makes recommendations on issues that affect young people locally. The group acts as a central point for youth issues at a Council level and also at different times hosts projects such as the annual Quiz4Dili and Youth Homelessness Day Matters.

Membership of the Youth Advisory Committee is open to 12-25 year olds who live within the Darwin municipality. The process for joining YAC is -

  1. Fill out the expression of interest form (on this page)

  2. We’ll be in touch and invite you to attend a meeting as an observer

  3. If you like your experience, you fill out an application form or have a short interview (up to you which one)

  4. YAC members vote on your membership (don’t worry, they’ve never said no yet)

  5. If you are voted onto YAC you membership then goes to Council to be endorsed.

YAC meets on the second Thursday of every month from 5.30-7.30pm at the Darwin City Library.

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