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LAUNCH Night Series is a LATE NIGHT, social inclusion basketball program for youNG PEOPLE aged 12-17.

PLEASE NOTE: TOURNAMENT 2 will run from Saturday 3 NOVEMBER to Saturday 24 NOVember

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>What is LAUNCH Night Series?

LAUNCH Night Series is a late night harm prevention and social inclusion program. This means we work to provide a free, late night sporting program which provides our players with dignity, ability and opportunity, whilst also promoting the prevention and minimisation of harmful lifestyles and behaviours our young people may be experiencing.

The program aims to:

  • Provide young people with a safe, healthy and positive environment on Saturday nights when they may be vulnerable to harmful and anti-social behaviour;
  • Support young people to connect with and participate in positive activities in their local community;
  • Provide healthy role models and build positive self-regard in young people;
  • Divert young people in areas of need from the risks associated with unhealthy behaviours.

>Who can participate in LAUNCH Night Series?

LAUNCH Night Series is open to young people aged between 12 -17 years who reside in the Darwin municipality. The program is suitable for young people who identify with any gender, race and religion.

>How does the night run?

Once players arrive, we do a short player and volunteer briefing before coaches take their teams to the serving area to sign in and eat dinner.

At 8:00pm, the first game of the night starts in rotation with the workshop, with workshop topics ranging from health and well-being, respectful relationships, communication and employability skills, until around 10pm.

The final two games of the night are played, with teams who aren’t playing participate in various basketball skills games, before the final game finishes.

We end the night with a debrief, before players are ushered on the buses or signed out by parents or guardians waiting to pick them up, and the volunteers pack the stadium down before heading home.

>When does the program run

LAUNCH Night Series is run twice a year (during terms 2 and 4 of the school calendar), and held on Saturday nights over 7 consecutive weeks. Tournament 2 (this current tourament) will only run for 4 weeks, from the 3rd of November to the 24th November.

This is often a period when there are no programs running and was identified as a gap for young people, as well as the most suitable terms to run such a long program due to availability of weekends and holiday periods.

LAUNCH Night Series Tournament 2 (this current tourament) will only run for 4 weeks, from the 3rd of November to the 24th November.

Player registration for Tournament 2 is now open!

>How can you support the program?

Each tournament attracts overwhelming support from young people, volunteers and businesses, as well as strong community will across sectors.

We are always looking for people who can volunteer their time for the program (there are many ways you can do this, you do not have to know anything about basketball and you aren't required to committ to attending for the whole tournament).

Some of the items we often need include:

  • Donations of fruits and/or healthy snacks for players
  • Donations of running shoes in good/great condition for players

Businesses or organisations interested in supporting or learning more about this program can contact us as at youthprojects@darwin.nt.gov.au or on 8930 0635.

>Is there anything I need to bring?

Please ensure you bring any medication you are on if necessay. We will provide everything from water, basketballs, team jerseys, first aid and food. We ask that you leave your personal items at home (this includes mobile phones, jewellery, watches, purses, cash etc.). Please also leave basketballs at home as we are unable to keep track of them for you.

>Is there any costs invovled?

There is no cost for any player of the program to participate, and we do not charge and entry fee for families and friends to come watch.

>Can my family and friends come and watch?

We are more than happy for your friends and family to come watch you play, however please note that children under 12 MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian. If there is someone who is aged 12-17 attending as a spectator, we strongly encourage them to join in the program, or we ask that a parent or guardian accompanies them as well.

>How can I contact someone about this program?

If you have any questions, or would like to speak to someone about this program, you can contact Lisa on 8930 0403 or email LAUNCHnightseries@gmail.com


For ANY enquiries please call 8930 0403.