the rules are simple: complete a task, take a photo, upload it to instagram with the hashtag #launchquest

For each activity completed, your team will score a point. If there is a tie, the team voted most creative from our independent judge will earn extra points so make sure you think outside the box.
To enter your happy snap, simply upload via Instagram with the hashtag #LAUNCHQUEST. Link our account @launchdarwin to make it easier for us to find you.
The team with the most points will be crowned victorious at the closing ceremony from 5pm on Sunday.

Photos must be uploaded by 3pm on Sunday

ps. we've given you some suggestions for completing the tasks throughout the festival in case you're ever lost for ideas. don't think of these as rules though, the more creative the better! go wild & have fun!


1. Team spirit! take a team selfie!

2. I dreamed a dream

3. You don't see that every day look out at 3.30pm Friday!

4. Something Generous

5. Dance off! Check out Sietta live from 4pm Friday

6. we're on a quest look epic

7. home-made craft of magical capabilities pop-up art space, every day from 10-5

8. synasthesia pop-up art space, every day from 10-5

9. famous people love me

10. most pit live music on Friday and Saturday!

11. my two cents find the frankensteined monologues typewriter

12. look at the stars check out the 1 million stars workshop and installation

13. training montage seda sports tasters friday & saturday afternoon

14. allday! allday 6pm civic park

15. all my friends are musos battle of the school bands 7pm friday

16. launch

17. caught out! a photo of some one else competing in #LAUNCHQUEST

18. tessellate backboard...?

19. uncoordinated find a LAUNCH coodinator

20. bright lights

21. you always know the dj dj workshop & showcase on saturday afternoon

22. saltwater divas showcase on saturday night

23. pirates! room 105 saturday 5pm saturday

24. croc!

25. unlikely news headlines

26. dragonfly we hear there's one hidden in civic park

27. impenetrable fortress of might check the pop-up arts space for building materials

28. human pyramid you might need to assemble 2 or more teams fot this challenge

29. ready for some theatre! moveable feast 4pm & 6pm saturday night

30. diy rainbow find some chalk in civic park

31. short sighted pop-up art space, every day from 10-5

32. salty plum

33. suburban superhero

34. me and my magpie goose

35. wearable food

36. hidden talent

37. it's a conspiracy there's a lot of triangles around here

38. clothesline pop-up art space, every day from 10-5

39. me and my doppelgänger

40. belly laughs

41. green thumb plant a flower

42. an impromptu musical performance

43. i've been everywhere, man! how many LAUNCH events have you attended this weekend?

44. free stuff! swap meet 10-3 sunday

45. new shoes shoe decorating workshop 10-3 sunday

46. it starts with us!

47. we're gonna win! show us just how creative you are

48. festival vibes your best festival shot

49. chilled sunday vibes sunday acoustic sesh

50. the final countdown