The first NT chapter of the Apex Australia Teenage Fashion Awards launches this year!

Nteen Fashion Festival is a unique opportunity for 13-19 year old students interested in the fashion or design industries to demonstrate their skill and flair through friendly competition. The Awards are an extraordinary co-curricular activity, which offers students the opportunity and encouragement to explore their creativity in the fields of fashion, design and textiles.

"To some participants the Apex Australia Teenage Fashion Awards is a boost to their confidence and self-esteem, as well as providing inspiration and the chance to grow. To others, it has been a stepping-stone into the world of fashion and design. Many past winners and finalists have progressed into the fashion industry, some to great heights, creating their own fashion labels while others have won scholarships to work in large fashion houses around the world!"

NTeen Fashion Festival Chair  - Jo-Anna Egart

"I would say our first year has been an enormous success.  Since the 26th September, locally, we have had offers of support from Education and many levels of Government.  Regionally, we have had expressions of interest for future events from Mentors in remote communities such as Alice Springs and Merrepen.  Nationally, we have had interest expressed in our Interns and Internship Program.  2015 National providers are keen to work with the NT Interns specifically with the view to creating National Final opportunities for them next year. The other States are keen to replicate the NTeen model, especially with regards to workshops and Internships.  As for our Teens, on their return from the AATFA National Final experience, without even realising it, they will become messengers for delivering higher ambitions and improved skill sets amongst their cohort group.  The level of enthusiasm will be infectious. This motivation will then manifest in a spectacular NTeen Fashion Festival 2016  with NTeen Fashion Festival leding the way for future events around Australia." 


are you an aspiring young designer?

The NTeen Fashion team will help you with the process of getting you ready to enter your garment and show your talents on the first ever NT fashion youth runway!

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The NTeen Fashion Festival offers a series of free workshops in the lead-up to the competition and Runway event. Workshops include recycled fashion, runway confidence, screenprinting and much more, so be sure to check out the full schedule of events running from the 16th of August to the 19th of September. 

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