PARK skating 101


Always wanted to try skating in the park?
Keen to work on your ramp skills in a supportive environment?


Aimed at shredders who are just starting out this 2 hour introductory workshop is designed to help you feel comfortable in the skatepark. With demonstrations of ramp types and discussions on ‘whose turn is it now?’,  participants will leave feeling excited, confident and eager to use local skateparks. Limited spaces available.


Park Skating 101 is a collaboration between City of Darwin and City of Palmerston and will have three sessions across Jingili, Leanyer and Palmerston during the July School Holidays. Each park offers a completely different playground for learning. Book your spot now!

JINGILI Skate Park
10am - midday
Tuesday 3 July

10am - midday
Tuesday 10 July

LEANYER Skate Park
10am - midday
Tuesday 17 July




  • Aged 12- 25
  • Must be able to stand up/ ride in a straight line on your chosen discipline. This workshop WILL NOT be able to teach you if you’ve never done it before. This workshop is for people who want to develop pre-existing skills. This workshop IS NOT for people who are looking to begin their skating journey.
  • MUST WEAR SAFETY EQUIPMENT: Helmets and safety sets available to borrow upon request. Please ask!


JINGILI – Darwin’s newest park, built by award winning, Australian company Convik with their very own special concrete recipe this facility is smooth and clear. Still on the crisp side of things there’s nothing stopping your wheels when rolling through this space. With a few rails, ledges and mini down one end this street plaza space is low key, fun and not ‘too much’ in size.

LEANYER – Turning a sweet 17 in 2018 this space offers range, excitement and lots of possibility. With two sides there’s a bowl, table tops, ledges, rails and a 10ft + half pipe for thrill seekers. Probably the best range of surfaces and ramp types; Leanyer has little versions of everything so you can nail it on there before hitting the big stuff.

PALMERSTON – She’s a bit tricky to get to but the fun only begins as you arrive. With no direct entrance from University Ave (the road it’s on the side of) you’ll have to enter via the Graffiti Tunnels or the Palmerston Water Park Car Park (parking available here). There’s fun boxes, rails and quarter pipes all built to a nice medium sized spread. A good in-between, this park has a quirky flow that’ll get you moving around like never before.


How can I contact the organiser with any questions? / / 08 8930 0403

I don't own any skate equipment or safety gear but I want to have a go?

We have 5 skateboards that can be borrowed as well as 10 helmets and 5 safety sets. Just let us know if you would like to use them!

I haven't really skated the park before. I've skated the esplanade and down the road but I haven't done anything more. Do you think I'd be able to do it?

Stop. Don't go any further. This workshop is for YOU!