Please read this consent form carefully. By signing the form you are agreeing to allow the City of Darwin to use photographs and/orfootage and/or recordings of yourself or your work within the limits of item 2.

If circumstances change in the future and you wish to withdraw your consent it is your responsibility to contact the City of Darwin and inform them of your wishes.

Consent and Acknowledgement

This document gives the City of Darwin permission to use photographs/footage/recordings of the individual for purposes associated with the promotion of City of Darwin, its staff and elected members.
1. I hereby consent to be photographed/filmed/recorded by officers of the City of Darwin or designated contracted staff.
2. I give permission to the City of Darwin to use the photographs/footage/recordings for:

  • promoting and advertising City of Darwin and its services
  • any commercial purposes
  • future media activities

and I acknowledge that the photographs/footage/recordings are the property of the City of Darwin.
3. I acknowledge that I have no entitlement to royalty or payment in respect of the photographs/footage/recordings or any other form of claim against the City of Darwin for any use made of the photographs/footage/recordings.
4. I acknowledge that copyright of the photographs/footage/recordings is owned by the City of Darwin which may use the photgraphs/footage/recordings in any form, in whole or in part, and distribute them by any medium, including the internet and CD-ROM, and in conjunction with any working or illustration for any purpose including, but not limited to sale, advertising or any other commercial purpose without need for my further consent or permission.
5. I understand that the City of Darwin is not bound to use photographs/footage/recordings of me.
6. I understand that photographs/footage/recordings of me may be kept on file for an indefinate period of time and that they may be used in the future by the City of Darwin for the purposes listed in item 2.
To be completed by the person being photographed/filmed/recorded or their parent or legal guardian if they are aged under 18 years.