Iona Francis

Storm Brewing in the Heart of True Beauty

Storm Brewing in the Heart of True Beauty

Hello my name is Iona Francis. I'm a young and aspiring photographer currently living in and around Darwin. Born in Scotland and raised in the south of New Zealand, I relocated to Darwin with my family, beginning the latest chapter in my life.

I'm currently attending Darwin High School as a Year 11 student whilst also being involved with various youth organisations such as the Junior Police Rangers and Corrugated Iron Youth Arts Projects. I have also helped with local theatre productions like the 2015 Glass Menagerie play adaptation by Browns Mart Theatre.

I am passionate about everything photography. The ability to capture specific moments in time and being able to show the world from my perspective is something that I've always had immense joy in doing.

Iona won LAUNCH's #YoungDarwin15 instagram comp which will see her work feature in the City of Darwin Youth Strategy. You can check out more of her pics on her instagram or website.

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Cj Fraser-Bell

Cj is an emerging performance maker and general creator of odd things. A multi-disciplined practitioner jumping from performance to visual arts, writing and production on a spattering of community and company theatrical works, Cj has recently shifted her main focus to producing and performing in innovative new work and founded Darwin’s Theatre of the Found Collective - an artist co-op that examines our artistic practice through experimental theatre models with an emphasis on getting art out into the world. Cj creates new, unpolished work to be seen and touched.

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Hannah Illingworth

Calling the country of Australia her home, Hannah has lived, worked, loved and created in Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland and New South Wales. Growing up on rural properties she was lucky to experience a lifestyle of purity with nature which has taught her a lot about humanity itself. Being an introvert, Hannah lived between the pages of books and in the worlds she created through illustration. After many years of angst, self-realisation and questionable behaviours she lead the journey down one of a continued exploration of love for life. Working as a commissioned artist it was in QLD that Hannah first began gaining experience in community development, a sector that has grabbed her attention beyond any other. Bringing awareness to mental health and social attitudes is vitally important in her work. Being able to assist locally and encouraging the growth of community happiness is key. In the future Hannah hopes to continue to better learn how to love life.

‘I live in entropy and polarity. Balance is key. I live in my head but by my hands. I am interested in utilising my skills to help better the life of others. To share the strength that is remaining humble yet outgoing. Practical problem solving through minimalist steps. I truly believe that life is about knowledge; growth, and the sharing of this is vital. Living unconditionally without expectation. Every moment is a new opportunity, a fresh start. It doesn’t matter if you take a step back; as long as you keep your focus forward and keep moving. In the scheme of things nothing really matters which is purely divine in beauty because it means that anything you want to matter; does. I do not fear failure; I fear letting myself be an obstruction.'

Interests include: theosophy, graffiti and street culture, ethnobotany, yoga, theology, art techniques, philosophy, applied mathematics, skating, quantum physics, ancient history and sacred cultures, health and fitness in relation to psychology, gardening, pharmacology, alchemy, chemistry and honest expressions of the soul. 


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Elli Belle

"Elli Belle has a way of moving people. When she sings, it’s so much more than hitting the right notes or having a beautiful tone. It’s a further extension of her; of who she is." 

Posted on February 3, 2015 .

Amy Hetherington

Amy is a jack-of-all-trades with a communications background and experience in Filmmaking, Photography, Social Media, Marketing/Public Relations, Graphic Design, Journalism and Workshop Delivery.

I believe everyone has a story to share and I’m passionate about using media to help spread these stories. Maybe you have a new product or service, have achieved something great, are running an event or just want to share something with the local community – media is the best way to do it!

Check out her website and follow her facebook page for more details!

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JD Rodriguez

My name is Juan David Rodriguez, JD for short. I am a 17 year old artist and I've been travelling time and places along side one of the biggest forms of creation that has been right all along humanity through history. Art.

My journey began back at the age of three when I was young, naive and completely blind folded to the possibilities and paths where this form of life could take me. Like your ordinary three year old, I've grow up drawing from dinosaurs to cars. From alien worlds to super heroes. Through my self taught journey, I've found ways to freely and passionately express my beliefs, POV's, feelings and also dreams. It's safe to say that art sums up my life.

Follow him on Instagram @art_and_a_slice_of_cake

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Georgia Beach

Georgia is the Youth Services Trainee at the City of Darwin. She's the person to call if you need to know anything about LAUNCH. 

Georgia dabbles in all kinds of visual art, from intricate ink illustrations to digital collages and web design. Outside of the office you'll find her devouring brunch like a pro and meticulously documenting her life in little black notebooks. 

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Room 105

Room 105 formed in 2010 at Charles Darwin University, taking their name from the very practice room in which they began jamming. Since then, they have been playing regular gigs at The Happy Yess, Parap Railway Club and The Chippo with their contagious, hybrid breed of reggae, rock, blues and pop.

Although it is difficult to classify the sound of a band and label it with a specific style, Room 105 have dodged this pitfall by creating their own genre, inspired by a recent review, called Garage Reggae. Headlining local shows and opening for interstate bands such as The Rubens, The Last Dinosaurs and Fat City Strut, Room 105 have been steadily making a name for themselves in the Darwin music scene as a band that consistently gets bodies moving and people talking.

Check out their Facebook!

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Tahlee Fereday

Tahlee Fereday is a young actor and comedian in Darwin. She has been involved in performances such as Antigone directed by Brenda Logan performed for International Women’s Day, Beneath The Surface directed by Alyson Evans performed for National Youth Week, and Viral directed by Alyson Evans which toured schools in Darwin to educate students on the harmful effects of social media. In 2013 Tahlee hosted and produced her own radio show called ‘The Breakfast Show with Tahlee’ which aired on Larrakia Radio 6am-9am weekdays. Tahlee is also passionate about stand up comedy and in 2012 competed in Melbourne RAW Comedy Festival and came runner up in the Northern Territory.

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Talea Pattemore


I think I was born with a creative soul but I never really realised how much I enjoyed art and music until I was about 18 when I picked up a pencil and made a decision to actually try and draw.

I decided to enroll in a Diploma of Commercial Arts. Through this I continued to expand my mediums and taste a bit of the marketing side of arts. I have found a real love for Illustration, Graphic Design, Advertising as well as Fine Arts. I am still learning and growing but I have had the opportunity to sell my artworks at Sandy's Cafe in Casuarina and display my work in two exhibitions.

In the music side of things it kind of just took a hold of me, it is the greatest outlet I have ever experienced. I have, with this had the opportunity to perform at the Happy Yess, Darwin Hotel and the Darwin Festival.

Check out Talea's portfolio!

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Angus Robson


Angus Robson is a young Darwin-born freelancer who has spent the better part of the last 5 years toiling away in the darker corners of the theatre over lights, sound desks, ladders, prompt copies and has loved every minute of it. He has a passion for creating light and soundscapes that enhance any experience and is always up to challenge himself or try something different in his designs. He has worked with nationally renowned shows including the currently touring “Djuki Mala” as well as sold out local performances from independent theatre groups such as “Creatures of Habit.”

Angus has been performing in productions for around 7 years and is also a founding member of Top End Comedy.

Angus was one of the LAUNCH Youth Events Coordinators in 2013.

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Top End Comedy


Top End Comedy is one of Darwin's premiere amateur comedy groups who work with local comedians, venues and events to provide opportunities for performance and allow audiences to experience stand up comedy with a local flavour.

*We cannot actually promise that but our mums think we're doing pretty well.
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Ciella Williams


Ciella Williams is a local performer and visual artist who has returned to darwin after studying in Melbourne. She has performed with Corrugated Iron Youth Arts, Darwin Theatre Company, Brown's Mart Arts and Tracks Dance, and is creating new work with CJ Fraser Bell's emerging company Theatre of the Found. She is also trying her hand at illustration and poster design.

Check out some of her illustrations or her latest project with Tracks Dance.

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