Hannah Illingworth

Calling the country of Australia her home, Hannah has lived, worked, loved and created in Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland and New South Wales. Growing up on rural properties she was lucky to experience a lifestyle of purity with nature which has taught her a lot about humanity itself. Being an introvert, Hannah lived between the pages of books and in the worlds she created through illustration. After many years of angst, self-realisation and questionable behaviours she lead the journey down one of a continued exploration of love for life. Working as a commissioned artist it was in QLD that Hannah first began gaining experience in community development, a sector that has grabbed her attention beyond any other. Bringing awareness to mental health and social attitudes is vitally important in her work. Being able to assist locally and encouraging the growth of community happiness is key. In the future Hannah hopes to continue to better learn how to love life.

‘I live in entropy and polarity. Balance is key. I live in my head but by my hands. I am interested in utilising my skills to help better the life of others. To share the strength that is remaining humble yet outgoing. Practical problem solving through minimalist steps. I truly believe that life is about knowledge; growth, and the sharing of this is vital. Living unconditionally without expectation. Every moment is a new opportunity, a fresh start. It doesn’t matter if you take a step back; as long as you keep your focus forward and keep moving. In the scheme of things nothing really matters which is purely divine in beauty because it means that anything you want to matter; does. I do not fear failure; I fear letting myself be an obstruction.'

Interests include: theosophy, graffiti and street culture, ethnobotany, yoga, theology, art techniques, philosophy, applied mathematics, skating, quantum physics, ancient history and sacred cultures, health and fitness in relation to psychology, gardening, pharmacology, alchemy, chemistry and honest expressions of the soul. 


Posted on March 3, 2015 and filed under Art, Youth Engagement, Workshops.